Google Nexus 6P outperform the New iPhone 7 Plus in low light photography

iphone 7 plus vs nexus 6p camera comparison 16
iphone 7 plus vs nexus 6p camera comparison 16


Apple iPhone 7 Plus said to have the best Smartphone camera in the World that can outperform any Smartphone even SLR camera too with its high performance, But its seems to Apple iPhone 7 has no match to Google Nexus 6P when it comes to low light photography.

The iPhone 7 Plus features two 12MP rear camera with 2x optical zooming capability up to 56mm and a f/2.2 to f/1.8 aperture. Whereas the Nexus 6P camera features a 12.3MP sensor. The camera shoots at f/2.0 with IR laser-assisted autofocus, a broad-spectrum CRI-90 dual flash, and captures 1.55 µm pixels.

Here are some Night Shots Frame-to-Frame

Dark Night iPhone6sPlus
Dark Night iPhone7
Dark Night Nexus 6P
This is just the Starting you can View Whole Gallery Here – iPhone 7 vs Nexus 6P Night Shots
We also got iPhone 6S Plus too so we can get a clue how far the iPhone 7 camera is improved in compared to previous Gen iPhone 6S Plus. There is Nothing new about Nexus 6P taking a great shot in the night as it has one of the best cameras and even if you ask Nexus 6P users they will be fairly satisfied with the low light photography in Nexus 6P
As far iPhone 7 Plus is concerned Apple has done a great job with its Dual Camera technology but forget for being the best from the rest you need to score in every aspect including low light photography as it’s an essential part to achieve the No. 1 Spot. Do tell us what you thing or do you think iPhone 7 Plus camera can still perform well at night?

Source – Reddit

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