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How powerful is the Volvo FH16 with new gearbox? How about pulling 750 tonne of extreme heavy load

Volvo Trucks are merely powerful beast and they have shown
their power in every aspect now the Volvo has tried to change the definition of
Trucks and the way we look to it. With the world’s strongest man, Magnus
Samuelsson, and trucking journalist Brian Weatherley in the driver’s cab, a
Volvo FH16 pulls Insane 750 tonnes of heavy load.

In the Port of Gothenburg, Sweden, 40 containers filled with
Volvo spare parts sit on 20 trailers and form a 300-metre long road train.
Together with the truck it weighs 750 tonnes. The mission: to drive a Volvo
FH16 from standstill while hauling 750 tonnes and cover a distance of 100
Volvo has now added crawler gears to the system in an
attempt to broaden its appeal. Unsatisfied with a traditional launch, the
company has shown off the transmission by pulling a 750-tonne load from
The Volvo FH16 used in the test features I-Shift with
crawler gears and the strongest axles from Volvo’s regular product range. The
truck is driven by Magnus Samuelsson, former holder of the “World’s
Strongest Man” title.

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In this Video you’ll see thing get worst for Volvo FH16 with
weather have no mercy whatsoever for this extreme challenge making it more
difficult with rain and snowfall. I-Shift with crawler gears can be combined with
13- or 16-liter engines across Volvo’s range. Although the truck in Volvo’s
promotional stunt pulled 750 tonnes (827 tons), equivalent to 150 adult
elephants or four Boeing 747s, the gearbox and driveline are rated to 325
tonnes (358 tons) for regular use.

Let me tell you 750 tonnes is equal to the 4 Boeing 747
Jumbo Jets and 150 fully grown adult elephants. Lets watch it in action. 

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