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Google’s self-driving cars are inches closer to reality with new Fiat Chrysler partnership

Google already stepped in making future car more advance
& secure with self-driving cars. Now Google has step more closer making their
dream come true. Google is reportedly in
the late stages of talks with Fiat Chrysler on an “advanced technical
partnership” to produce autonomous vehicles.

The deal will reportedly entail producing a self-driving
version of the Pacifica minivan. The CEO of Fiat Chrysler, Sergio Marchionne,
and Google’s self-driving car project chief, John Krafcik, have apparently been
meeting since not long after CES 2016. The two are reportedly now in the final
stages of sealing a deal between Alphabet and Fiat Chrysler. So how would this
deal benefit both sides?

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According to the Wall Street Journal reports that Fiat Chrysler
has been looking for a “partner to share the cost of research and
development”. The deal would be a win-win: Google gets an established
manufacturing, distribution and servicing partner, and FCA gets a deep-pocketed
savior with the technical guns to bring its business into the self-driving 21st

Google is likely looking at the long-term prospects of
having an established manufacturing partner in the auto industry to help
jump-start its project in the mainstream. For obvious reasons, Google would
like to avoid having to set up its own infrastructure for the self-driving car
project. Krafcik has gone on record admitting as much recently, confessing that
Google desperately needs industry partners if the self-driving car project is
to take off.
Meanwhile, Google and Ford have joined forces to lead a
coalition of companies advocating federal approval of driverless cars in the
near future.
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