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Watch Driveless Audi TTS racing though the wind at 120MPH


When you hear the word “Driverless Car” you imagine yourself a car with limited speed or slower than a bicycle which needs adjustment while turning Left to right or need to apply the brakes whenever there is curve road ahead. But can you imagine a Driverless car racing though the winds tearing up a racetrack.

Engineers at Stanford University have created an autonomous car that is much different than the Google Driverless car. First of all, it has the Luxurious touch in it as Stanford’s autonomous car is none another than Audi TTS.

The Audi TTS exceed the 120 MPH (190Km/hr) mark though; mechanical engineering professor Chris Gerdes and his students are more interested in other aspects of the car’s track performance.

“A race car driver can use all of a car’s functionality to drive fast,” said Gerdes. “We want to access that same functionality to make driving safer.”
What we can see in the Video that Audi TTS tearing apart the racetrack with its high speed and well controlled whenever its need to take a turn while rest you can checkout in the Video
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