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Sony futuristic e-ink display Huis Remote controller is about to change your ordinary Remote controller

I am sure your House definitely consist of large no of appliances
and for those appliances you need different remote control where there are
number of buttons on each button to be use has been very limited. Sometimes it
can be irritating when you unable to find the right remote at the right time
and here HUIS REMOTE CONTROLLER come to your Rescue as it can do everything your
ordinary remote unable to do so

Sony seems to have developed a beautiful product. Simple
intuitive operation in the designed screen, because it makes switching the
screen for each consumer electronics items so easy, you can comfortably use it in
a number of consumer electronics with HUIS REMOTE CONTROLLER.
The built-in consumer electronics remote control signal
database of up to now, you can easily register your existing remote control.
TV, as a “model”, such as air conditioning, from its “maker”
its also reads the signals from the remote control of the product from the
database simply by selecting in this machine, you can register the operation
consumer electronics of the remote control. Simply placing your remote control sensor in-front the Huis device.

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Sony says it decided on an e-paper display rather than an
LCD screen or smartphone app because the technology’s lower power consumption
and ability to display the virtual buttons all the time makes it more natural
to use as a remote. The Huis remote can be used to control anything likes of
your television, Blu-Ray players, lights to air conditioners.

The remote also has Bluetooth LE built-in, which will be
enabled in the future. You can download remotes for various gadgets – TVs, air
conditioners, anything IR-based really. The best part is that you can also use
a PC app to design your own remote interface, customize it according to your
liking or appealing to your kids or your old parent whatever you like. 
The 1,500mAh battery is can give the required juice for
about a month; Customers can order the Huis Remote Controller online in Japan
now for ¥27,950 (roughly $250) with deliveries set to arrive from next month.

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