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BMW Helmet with Heads-Up Display showcased in CES 2016

BMW known for their Innovative ideas & Innovation for
the future perspective of making Car segment more Customer friendly and also
engineer friendly now BMW wants to move ahead to another level by introducing HUD
helmet focusing towards the betterment of bikers.

The helmet is equipped with a heads-up display, a technology
that’s becoming increasingly common in cars but still remains relatively new to
the world of motorcycles, now thanks to BMW to taking first step for making it moderate
in Helmet.
The system projects key information about the bike and its
surroundings onto a transparent panel located right in the rider’s field of
vision. BMW went on to note that heads-up displays make riding a two-wheeler
safer because the rider can view important information without taking his or
her eyes off the road. It does also showcase your incoming calls and messages
from your smartphone. 

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Here’s a little Demo showing off the technology which shows
the text in white, including fuel level, route, bike details etc. It also alerts
you if you’re low on oil, gas or if there are issues with your tire pressure.
It’ll also ping the rider if those items become a problem while riding. Head to Demonstrative Video here(link)
It comes with two removable batteries on the back of the
helmet offer up six hours of display action. The helmet also has front and rear
cameras. The front camera acts as an action-cam. BMW is still determining if
they want to rear camera to become a rearview mirror or used as a blind spot

BMW Motorrad hopes to launch a helmet with an integrated
heads-up display in the next few years, but a more specific time frame hasn’t
been provided.
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