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Apple has taken first step regarding making its Dream Car into reality by Registering Apple.Car Domain, iCar

Apple is reportedly working on a much bigger smart device
which is a iCar. Looks like after Google Introduces their “Driverless Concept
Car” Smartphone Companies like Xiaomi and Now Apple joined this Bandwidth (Now Samsung
only left behind) what remains common in both the company is Tesla helping to
shape their Dream car.

According to Report, Apple has registered a trio of
auto-related top-level domain names, including, and Whois records updated on January 8 shows that Apple registered the
domains through sponsoring registrar MarkMonitor Inc. in December 2015, although
they are not yet active. The domains were registered through MarkMonitor Inc.

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Apple has aggressively recruited engineers and other talent
from Tesla, Ford, GM, Samsung, A123 Systems, Nvidia and elsewhere to work on
the rumored “Apple Car” project, which has allegedly been called
“Project Titan” internally. Electric motorcycle startup Mission
Motors even ceased operations after losing employees to Apple.
As of September we heard that as many as 600 people were
already working on Project Titan, and it had been given the green light for
Well this is earlier stages of research but if we look back
in August Company meeting with the California DMV to review self-driving
vehicle regulations is the evidence that Apple is at least exploring the auto
industry. The trio of new domains provide yet another clue that Apple may one
day compete with the likes of Tesla and Google.

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