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How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos from Gallery

WhatsApp is a most popular messaging app for Smartphones as
we can easily share images, audio, videos along with chats but sometimes it can
be hectic for you and especially if you are a part of active Groups were lots
of unnecessary images and videos are share among the member. So how should we
maintain our privacy?

Of- course you can use app lock on what’s app which can be
found on the PlayStore for free but sometime its not enough as still When you
download any media from WhatsApp it can be seen into Android Gallery and
sometime your Android gallery get full off with unnecessary images.   
Instead of protecting your WhatsApp with a secure password,
you can easily hide Whatsapp images/videos from showing up in the Gallery.
Since, your friends will only look up for the media files using the Gallery,
they won’t find any of your WhatsApp files and that safeguards your privacy.
How to Hide WhatsApp Images & Videos in Gallery?
For iOS Users: It comes with simple instruction iPhone user can hide WhatsApp images by
going to your privacy setting > photos > turn WhatsApp off.

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For Android Users: The steps for hiding WhatsApp media files from your Android phone’s
Gallery is slightly different from the iOS users. Unlike the iPhone users, the
Android mobile users don’t have any direct option to do so. 
  1. On your Android mobile, open any File
    Manager application like ES File Explorer (recommended).
  2. Go to SD Card > WhatsApp > Media.
  3. In the ‘Media’ folder, you’ll find all
    your WhatsApp media files like audio messages, videos, images, voice calls
    etc… Now, tap on the folder named ‘WhatsApp Images’ for a few seconds,
    which then brings you a pop-up with some options. Select ‘rename’ and
    insert a ‘.’ (dot) in front of the folder’s name. It now looks like:
    .WhatsApp Images
  4. Similarly, perform the same action for
    the ‘WhatsApp video’ folder.
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Your WhatsApp images
and videos will now be completely hidden from your mobile phone’s gallery. In
case, you wanted to revert the changes, simply remove the dot (.) before the
folder’s name
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