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OnePlus Type-C adapter can be a Life saver for your OnePlus 2 Device at Rs 699

If you are the one planing to buy OnePlus 2 or you have already buyed
it then you need its most essential part just like you need Fuel for you Car to
Run it. Here in case of OnePlus 2 which comes with  new features like the USB Type-C port which
might be a problem in case when you lost your USB Type-C cable or forget it at
Home but here comes its life saving device. 

The USB Type-C adapter lets you charge your OnePlus 2 with a
micro-USB cable” OnePlus 2 was the first smartphone to come with a USB
Type-C Port. The new ports are still far away from being universally present
like their microUSB counterparts, and it would become quite cumbersome in case
you were to misplace the one that comes bundled with OnePlus 2 (Encyclopedia) To solve this, OnePlus has launched a USB Type-C adapter on Amazon

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The adapter weighs just 16 grams and is quite compact. It is
encased in a handy silicone sleeve which lets you attach the connector to a
key-ring, backpack, etc. thanks to an integrated loop. The adapter lets you
charge the OnePlus 2 with regular microUSB cables, in case you misplace your
USB Type-C cable. You can head over to to purchase the accessory
while other can buy from offical OnePlus website. 
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It can be most essential as well as can be a life saver when
you are traveling and you almost forget USB Type-C connector and when you ask
for it people near you they imagine you as a alien who is asking for an alien
Technology that can be weird.  

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The USB Type-C adapter can be your for Rs 699 ($9.99) which
might seem pricey but let me tell you Apple’s Lightning adapter costs about Rs
1,500. It is most essential part of OnePlus 2 so I will Recommend this to each
and everyone to buy it you never know when it comes out to be a Life saver
device for your OnePlus 2. You can buy it from below

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Indian Region people can buy this Device from Amazon here – OnePlus USB Type-C Adapter (Red)  

Others can buy from OnePlus Official Store here – OnePlus USB Type-C Adapter ($9.99)

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